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The truth about wind
by Hazel Hutchins

Nice book! Toys are nice but not if you take what it is not yours!

My Day With Gong Gong
by Sennah Yee

Nice book ! Grandpa knew and got the favourite snack and toy for her niece on a nice day together!

Boxitects By Kim Smith
by Kim Smith

Awesome things can be done with cardboard especially with a team.

Fish In A Tree
by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Ally is very funny. In the book Ally does not want to go to school because of her learning disabilities.

Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate
by Etta Kaner

I like the cute little polar bears. In the book it told what and what not animals did to keep warm.

The Wyrm king
by Holly Black

This was a really good book and lots of adventure and fighting monsters in it.

Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles Books
by Nick Eliopulos

Be cause its funny and like that it ends on a cliff hanger!

A giant problem
by Holly Black

I liked it because the main character was really smart

I Can Read With My Eyes Shut
by Dr Seuss

It was a really a good book because i could read it.

The One And Only Ivan
by Kathrine Applegate

I liked it a lot because the main character is a gorilla and the book is about his life trapped in mall as a circus performer. It is also really good because the story is being told by the gorilla's perspective which makes it interesting to read!
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